Additional services

In addition to super-computation service, the iC complete its possibilities range with other technological projects that facilites the investigation work. They are listed below:

Cloud Storage

As the private business known services, PROTEUS infrastructure allows to maintain a centralized data of all users, which can consult from any location and sync up with the rest of our equipment.

Researcher support

A support service is offered to solve programming problems and doubts, PROTEUS use and, in general, technical and computers problems.


To ensure data integrity, it can be possible to do backups of the researchers personal equipment in PROTEUS servers. Data is transferred through SFTP (Secure FTP) to backup folder of each user.

Web hosting

In the web server where iC1 web is hosted ( also it can allocate the personal pages of congresses and events, teaching support, etc. of the personal that request it.

The principal advantage is have a site totally configurable, without any type of quota or restriction. It allows technologies like PHP, ASP or Perl. The server access can be completed by FTP and WebDAV.


By requests of applicants, we also have our own mail server ( It is more flexible in its use and configuration and it has no quota. Consults can be done though IMAP, POP3 and webmail.

Temporal data storage

Useful when you need to share large files that can not be sent by mail. This service allows to store the file in a server and share a link with the receivers of the same, who can download it through that link.


The blog of the PROTEUS person in charge of this service collects information about installation, environment configuration, especially in cases that results are complex and delicate. Although it isn’t a service as such, it can be useful for people that try to deploy infrastructures and services as shown here.