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The Carlos I Institute provides its members with a web publishing service to host:

  • personal pages
  • subjects pages
  • courses
  • congresses and events
  • disclosure
  • etc.

There are two ways to publish a website on our hosting: using a WordPress environment or developing the website in the server.

Pages can be accessed from

WordPress environment

The easiest option to create the pages is to use the well-known WordPress environment. We have a WordPress Multisite that allows the creation of different websites and their management in a single WordPress environment.

For those who do not know it, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) in which the development is done on the website itself using tools that simplify the task, so you do not need any knowledge in web development to use it.

Entorno WordPress IC1

Once access to this environment has been requested, each user can create as many sites as they need.


The other option is to create the website by building it using development tools or migrating it from another hosting. In this case, the files can be copied to the server using FTP or WebDAV. Obviously, this option requires more knowledge and skill in web development.


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