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Licence server

IC1 has 3 Mathematica 12.0 licenses, with 8 kernels each (24 kernels in total). These licenses can be used on a personal computer or on a dedicated node at PROTEUS.

Both modes of operation are described below.

Note: before you can use it, you need to make a request to the administrator because you need to register the IPs involved


How to use Mathematica on a PC

Download software

You can download the application here:

Activate the programme

Once installed, we have to indicate that we are using a licence server in order to start using software.

  • Start the programme and select «Other ways to activate»
Activación Mathematica
  • Choose the option corresponding to the Network License Server
Servidor de licencias IC1 Mathematica
  • And finally, we write proteusmath.ugr.es in the corresponding field
Activación Mathematica

How to use Mathematica on the dedicated node

There is a node dedicated to running Mathematica at PROTEUS. It can be used by pulling up a graphical interface and in console mode.

To use it with graphical session, you would typically need to establish an ssh session by exporting the display:

# ssh -X login@proteusmath.ugr.es

Once inside, you can run the programme:

# mathematica

The second alternative is to work directly from the terminal. As before, we log in with ssh and then run the program without a graphical interface:

# math

How to use the frontend on the PC and dedicated node to calculate

With this option, we will be able to use the graphical interface on our PC (requires it to be installed) but the computation will be done on the dedicated node in the cluster.

To configure it, we start the program on our PC and we go to

  • Evaluation -> Kernel Configuration Options
Configuración Kernel
  • We choose a name for the new kernel and we indicate the name of the remote machine: proteusmath.ugr.es and our login
Nombre Kernel
  • Finally, the remote kernel must be selected in order to start using it
Kernel remoto

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are only going to use the remote kernel, it is important to leave the local kernel. Otherwise, we will be using 2 of the 3 available instances even if we don’t need it and we may leave other colleagues without the possibility to use it.

For this method to work, it is essential that if we have a firewall on our computer, it does not filter the packets coming from the node. It will be necessary to configure the firewall to allow all traffic coming from proteusmath.ugr.es.

If we are behind a router or you cannot configure the router, a possible solution would be to create an SSH tunnel.


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