Cloud storage with PROTEUS


Carlos I Institute provides its members with a cloud-based storage space. It consists of a file synchronization system between the server and different user devices. For example, we can define directories on our computer that we want to be copied to the server, keeping each modification we make up to date.

There are numerous companies that provide this service, either free or for a fee. The advantage of this service is that, since we use our own servers, there is no space limit and privacy is guaranteed.

The free software platform ownCloud is used to offer this service. This platform consists of a server running on the PROTEUS DPC and an optional client that would run on each user’s device.

We can use ownCloud in two different ways: web browser and client.

Using ownCloud via browser

It is the easiest way to access as it does not require any additional software, just a web browser.

Through this interface we can access all the files we have stored on the server and configure our preferences.

Owncloud PROTEUS

OwnCloud Client

OwnCloud client is a program used to synchronize files between the user’s devices and the server, so that the latest versions of the files can always be found on all of them.

The client must be installed on each device to be synchronized and configured with the server address (the same is true for web browser access).

The client has to be running in in the background in order to be able to synchronize automatically.

Other gateways

Other gateways can also be used if you only need to access the files and not synchronize them. ownCloud allows access without synchronization via WebDAV and can therefore be used with any program that supports this protocol.


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