Intel Parallel Studio

Intel Parallel Studio XE is a software development product developed by Intel that facilitates native code development on Windows, macOS and Linux in C/C++ and Fortran for parallel computing. Parallel computing enables software programs to take advantage of multi-core processors from Intel and other processor vendors.

Parallel Studio is composed of several component parts, each of which is a collection of capabilities.

  • Intel C++ Compiler with OpenMP
  • Intel Fortran Compiler with OpenMP
  • IDE plug-in integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse and Xcode
  • Debugging via Visual Studio Debugger extensions, GNU Debugger extensions
  • Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP)
  • Math Kernel Library (MKL)
  • Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
  • Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL)
  • Intel Advisor – specialized performance profiler to optimize vectorization and a thread prototyping system for adding / improving threading.
  • Intel VTune Profiler (formerly VTune Amplifier) is a performance profiler that analyzes hotspots, threading, I/O, FPGA, GPU, system, throttling and microarchitecture bottlenecks.
  • Intel Inspector improves reliability by identifying memory errors and threading errors.
  • Intel MPI Library – a multi-fabric message passing library that implements the Message Passing Interface specification across Intel platforms
  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector – a graphical tool for understanding MPI application behavior, finding bottlenecks and errors in parallel cluster applications based on Intel architecture
  • Intel Cluster Checker – Prepackaged checks to diagnose cluster health, functionality and performance. They are accessible via API to embed capabilities into applications.
  • Intel Distribution for Python – a Python distribution using Intel Performance libraries to boost performance of NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Pandas (software) and other packages.